Secure Record Destruction

Secure Destruction of Expired Physical Records and Digital Media

Destroy Physical Records

Expired physical records and records that have been converted can be destroyed securely.

Destroy Electronic Media

Electronic record storage devices like tapes, disks, and hard drives can be destroyed to prevent access..

Secure Record Destruction

Preserve records while providing secure access to authorized users via computer or mobile device.

Documents, hard drives, CDs, and data in other forms that have been discarded in the trash are not legally protected and can be fair game for those looking to gather private, sensitive information about your students, constituents, or your organization. Secure destruction of expired sensitive materials Is essential. RCI Record Destruction Services can provide the secure destruction of these records.
The threat of identity theft, the need for legal compliance with various privacy and information security regulations, and the risk of a public relations nightmare require that every organization safeguards the personal, health, and financial information they have about those they serve and about the organization itself. Your responsibility for the careful protection of sensitive information extends to all media formats—physical and electronic—and includes the disposal of any sensitive information you no longer need.
You need a partner who can help you avoid these risks by providing secure disposal of sensitive materials based on the unique needs of your organization. RCI can be that partner.
Ranger Shredding, a division of Records Consultants, Inc. (RCI), has been in business for more than 25 years. We offer customized, comprehensive, and cost-effective destruction solutions to meet the needs and requirements of organizations large and small, including those involved in education, government, healthcare, finance, banking, law, retail, and more.
All employees must pass criminal background investigations, are subject to random drug testing, and are trained on strict policies and procedures to ensure our secure shredding process is followed each time we provide service.
Physical Document Destruction
Ranger Shredding can provide bulk destruction service to accommodate physical paper record destruction of expired records or paper records no longer needed because they have been converted to electronic records.
Electronic Waste Destruction
Ranger Shredding can destroy all forms of electronic media, including CDs, DVDs, hard drives, floppy discs, video tapes, computer tapes, credit cards and more.
Certificate of Destruction
Ranger Shredding can provide at no additional cost a formal Certificate of Destruction detailing the destruction information that ensures the shredding process complied with all relevant security laws. The certificate provides you with evidence that the materials shredded were securely destroyed.
Environmental Responsibility To protect the environment and support recycling efforts, Ranger Shredding recycles 100% of all recyclable materials.

Let RCI Provide Your Organization with the Secure Record Destruction Services for Your Expired Physical Documents and Electronic Media.