RCI : Our Extensive Experience

Over A Quarter Of A Century Of Perfecting Our Business

Serving Since 1993

RCI has a long history of providing our clients with the trusted services they need to remain compliant.

Knowledge and Expertise

With a singular focus, specialized training, and years of experience serving hundreds and hundreds of clients, you can rely on RCI.

Nationwide Service

From Maine to California, Washington to Florida—and all points in between—RCI Specialists will be there to handle your project.

1. More Than 28 Years of Experience

We have over two and one-half decades of experience working with education and government entities to help them remain compliant with their Fixed Asset Inventories and Records Retention. Our commitment to excellence remains at the foundation of all we do.

2. Proven Knowledge, Focus, and Expertise

Fixed Asset Inventories and Records Retention Management is all that we do.  The highly-trained Inventory and Records Specialists who are brought onsite to handle your project do this kind of work every day, so they are prepared for whatever your circumstances call for.

3. Serving Clients Across the US

RCI began and is the dominant provider for education and government client in the state of Texas. And for 28 years now, our highly-trained teams have been providing our specialized services to hundreds and hundreds of clients across the Lower 48, many year after year.