Fixed Asset Management Services

Fixed Asset Inventories, Reconciliation, and Acquisition Cost Research

Asset Tagging

Every covered asset in every room in every building is assigned a unique barcode label.

Asset Inventorying

Every barcoded asset is scanned and assigned to the room, building, and campus where it is located.

Asset Reporting

The data for every scanned and bar-coded asset is added to the FAMP 11.1 database for tracking and reporting.

Identifying, locating, and tracking fixed assets are essential steps to comply with GASB Statement 34/35, EDGAR, and many state asset reporting requirements. Fixed Asset Management Services from RCI can help your organization get and stay compliant.
RCI experts provide fixed asset inventory services along with our industry-leading FAMP 11.1 soft-ware to help accurately track and report assets—from original purchase order to final disposition.
A team of professionally-trained inventory specialists who work with fixed assets inventories virtually every day will come to your location. They coordinate and conduct an onsite inventory process beginning with tagging with a unique barcode every applicable asset in every room of every building.
Next, they scan each item and assign it to the appropriate room, building, or campus where the asset is located and grouped with the other assets in each location.
Acquisition or replacement cost data is appended to your scanned data and captured in our industry-leading FAMP 11.1 asset management software, which is provided FREE as a part of your fixed asset inventory project. This software tool provides the ability to run reports about your assets to meet compliance, tracking, and reporting needs.