RCI Digital Student™ Document Imaging 

Digital Conversion Service Specifically for Permanent Student Records

Replace Physical Records

Physical records are expensive to maintain, easily misplaced or damaged, and subject to total loss.

Accurate Document Imaging

Dual verification of the quality and accuracy of each scanned insure 100% capture of every document.

Secure Cloud Storage

Preserve records while providing secure access to authorized users via computer or mobile device.

Converting permanent student records to digital images saves money, improves access, and reduces risks. RCI’ s Digital Student™ service can help you determine which records should be converted, help you build the business case for converting those records, and implement the transition in a 100% compliant process.
RCI Digital Student provides cost-effective, convenient, and controlled access to your digitally-converted permanent student records from your computer or web-enabled device.
RCI Helps You Preserve Student Records with Long-Term Retention Requirements
Are you tired of having to make photocopies to share student records, filing and refiling them over and over again, or, worse yet, damaging or completely losing paper student records? End the hassle of storing and retrieving paper records. Start the process today and save money by focusing on converting only your permanent student files!
Storing records electronically is an intelligent solution for records with permanent or long-term retention requirements. Digital imaging saves physical storage space. It reduces the risk of misplacement, damage, or total loss of records due to mishandling, natural degradation, vandalism, theft, and natural or man-made disasters. It makes accessing your documents faster, easier, safer, and more secure.
RCI Digital Student is a complete, turnkey digital imaging solution that eliminates your need to store your permanent student records in paper format, improves your ability to access and share the records with appropriate contacts, and protects your records from loss or damage.
RCI will purge, scan, and index your high school graduate and withdrawal student files and provide you with digital copies of your permanent student records. This state-of-the-art scanning and conversion process meets all state requirements for physical records to electronic documents. What could make managing your inactive, permanent student records easier?
RCI Digital Student Service Includes:
In addition to paper records, RCI can also convert microfilm or microfiche archives to digital images so you can dispense with antiquated, hard-to-use film or card readers.
Managing Electronic Records Standards and Procedures is as Important as Managing Paper Records.
RCI document scanning and conversion processes are designed with complete fail-safe and quality assurances that comply with regulatory requirements to ensure 100% capture of permanent documents. We offer purge services to remove non-required documentation during the process, and after scanning, we can provide secure document destruction services to destroy the physical paper after all images have been converted to electronic format. and
Access, View, and Print Your Document Images Quickly and Easily RCI delivers your database and the file access option you selected to support your organization’s requirements. We also provide the software installation and usage training you need for accessing files in your image database. We offer network and cloud-based storage solutions, simplifying access to your documents.
Ongoing Electronic Document Management RCI delivers electronic content to support your organization’s requirements. We provide Digitech Systems’ cloud-based ImageSilo® and local network PaperVision Enterprise® applications for your Enterprise Content Management.
Compatible with Existing Electronic Document Management Systems Already have an existing content management application? No problem! RCI can provide your electronic data in formats that work with your existing systems and tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

Let RCI Save You Time and Money by Scanning, Converting, and Storing Your Permanent Records.