FAMP 11.1: RCI's Asset Data & Reporting Software

Software That Turns Your Data Into Meaningful Information, Included With Every Fixed Asset Project

Asset Inventory Data

View individual or group asset data indicating the location of each asset and track its movement over time.

Asset Details

View the details of each asset based on its unique barcode and the information entered about it in the database.

Detailed Reporting

Our industry-leading FAMP 11.1 software supports the database and enables discreet reporting of details.

FAMP 11.1 Software: Latest Enhancements

New and Enhanced Features Include the Following:

1.     Tracking the Movement of Assets
FAMP 11.1 allows you to track your assets as they move from one location to another. The system captures and stores the previous location of assets. We have also added a “location change report” that conveniently displays the current and prior location for assets that have moved.
2.     Improved Reporting on Filtered Data
FAMP 11.1 reports display in the report heading the filter used to select a subset of data when a report is prepared. This enhancement removes any confusion about how the report was generated or which data was used.
3.     Improved Search Capability
FAMP 11.1 allows you to “clone” search queries without having to manually construct each search. For example, if you’re searching for 5 barcode numbers, you now enter the initial filter criteria and click on “clone” 4 times and just go back and change the barcode numbers.
4.     Navigating the Transaction Log
FAMP 11.1 allows you to filter the Transaction Log when searching for specific entries about specific assets. You no longer have to scroll through thousands of entries to find the transaction that affected the item you are researching.
5.     Simplified Process for Moving Group Count Items to New Locations
With FAMP 11.1, you can easily transfer items that are “group counted” between rooms. For example, if room A has 10 chairs and you need to move 4 chairs to room B, you are now prompted to enter the number of items moving and the program will allow you to move the 4 chairs to room B, leave the remaining 6 chairs in room A.
6.     Easy Maintenance of Multiple Fund Option
FAMP 11.1 allows you to maintain your own multiple-fund options in the master maintenance. Prior to the upgrade, you had to send your database and changes to RCI and we manually made the updates for you. This new feature saves everyone time and money.
7.     Improved Import Capability for Serial Numbers
FAMP 11.1 allows you to import serial numbers up to 50 characters in length. Many computers and other types of equipment have serial numbers longer than the previous limit of 20 characters. This allows you to import larger serial numbers without having to go back in the inventory data entry screen and manually add the missing numbers.