Turnkey Records Retention Processing Services

RCI Records Specialists identify, sort and catalog inactive records by state and local retention schedules helping you stay compliant.  Our expert services help you save time, storage space and reduce your risk of handling out dated records. Our experienced team removes your headache of managing records and does the physical work for you.  Our services are reliable, affordable and fast.

Records Retention Compliance

RCI has a quarter of a century experience working with regulatory standards for local government records management. Our clients use our services on yearly or recurring basis because our trustworthy team knows how to keep you up to date with regulations, like those of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC). Let RCI give you peace of mind so you know your records are compliant.

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Document Imaging Services

RCI provides Document Imaging to scan and index your records so they can be stored and managed electronically. We offer network and cloud-based storage solutions, simplifying access to your documents. Storing records electronically is an intelligent solution for documents with permanent retention requirements, because it saves storage space, reduces risk from damage (fire, water, theft, etc.) and makes accessing your documents quick, safe and secure. RCI document scanning processes are designed with complete fail-safe and quality assurances so you know your archives are secure. We provide Digitech Systems’ cloud based ImageSilo® and local network PaperVision Enterprise® applications for your Enterprise Content Management. Let RCI save you time and money by scanning your permanent records.

Secure Document Destruction

RCI offers Secure Document Destruction (shredding) for your records which have exceeded retention requirements. After your records have been processed and you know what is eligible for destruction, RCI can securely destroy those documents and provide you the appropriate certificates of destruction for your records compliance. Reduce your cost and risk of storing expired records, and let RCI destroy your records in compliance with local retention schedules.

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Read testimonials from clients who’ve used RCI’s records retention management for years.

  • "I have used RCI for the last 9 years to complete our initial asset inventories. RCI is very thorough and informative during the whole process."

    Misty Fisher Duncanville ISD

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