Document imaging can be the most effective way to manage long-term or permanent records. Benefits include decreasing physical storage space and cost, reducing the risk of lost documents and controlling access. Determining what to retain electronically is the first step in the imaging process, and managing electronic records’ standards and procedures is as important as managing paper records. RCI Can help you!

Our Document Imaging Solutions ensure 100% of inactive records with long-term or permanent retention requirements—student academic records, employee personnel records and all other permanent business records— are imaged and reproducible.

RCI delivers your database and the file access option you selected to support your organization’s requirements. We also provide the software installation and usage training you need for accessing files in your image database.

RCI document scanning processes are designed with complete fail-safe and quality assurances so you know your archives are secure. RCI imaging services can also convert your old microfilm or microfiche archives to digital/electronic format so you can dispense of those antiquated, hard to use film and card readers.

Our clients rely on us to convert permanent records such as:

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 Student Records

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Board Minutes and Agendas

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Personnel Records

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Payroll Records

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Case File Records

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Electronic Document Management

RCI provides Digitech Systems’ cloud based ImageSilo® and local network PaperVision Enterprise® applications for your Enterprise Content Management.

Already have an existing content management application for managing and viewing your electronic documents? No problem, RCI can provide your electronic data in formats that work with your existing systems and we tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

Let RCI save you time and money by scanning or converting your permanent records.


Secure document destruction is the best way to dispose of your inactive paper records that are past their retention periods. After your records have been processed and you know what is eligible for destruction, RCI can securely destroy those documents and provide you the appropriate certificates of destruction for your records compliance, demonstrating that records are handled properly. What better way to get compliant and organized than have RCI do your Document Imaging and document destruction.

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Read testimonials from clients who’ve used RCI’s document imaging and secure document destruction for years.

  • “Our District had several years of permanent records digitized and was very pleased with the professional work RCI provided. The District has since saved budget dollars on rental space and employee time. Our customers are very pleased with how quickly the District is able to provide copies of documentation being requested.”

    Jaime Ortega Executive Director of Finance

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